The company

LTD "Lāses AM" is one of the largest cattle breeders in Kurzeme. Slaughterhouse is one of the most modern in Latvia with modern equipment, a fully integrated electronic accounting system, the shortest and most structured way from the time of the time of the laying to storage, as well as high professional ethics in every stage of the operation. The slaughtered animals of the company are animals of different ages and live weight clinically healthy, clean and marked pigs, cattle. The company's slaughterhouse is a food company that produces products in accordance with standard acts, the resulting products can be used for the circulation of life and environmentally friendly food on the market.



The main responsibility of the company is to ensure the extraction of meat for human consumption, thus significantly improving the health and well-being of the population. The slaughterhouse has its own laboratory for detecting the presence of Trichinellosis in meat. Slaughterhouse is registered and recognized by the Food and Veterinary Service of the Republic of Latvia. Slaughterhouse is located 2 km from Kuldiga, Kuldiga district, Rumbas parish, "Valles". Slaughterhouse is located in one building. Separate housing holding. In order to fully ensure the company's operations, auxiliary rooms, personnel rooms and warehouse have been established. The outer territory of the company is fenced and tidy.



The company is certified as an organic slaughterhouse. Certificate No. 04-260-15 / 16. The company has an international BRC certificate no. LV005070.



LTD "Lāses AM" is a local company that has been employing more and more employees in recent years, mainly locals! At present, the company employs 42 employees. The company is a reliable partner for both our farmers, domestic and foreign partners and meat processors. The slaughterhouse has a wide range of products from bovine and porcine carcasses, cut meat, offal (tongue, liver, hearts, etc.) to the by-products (cattle, stomachs, etc.). A fully automated production process is provided in the slaughterhouse. Everything is maximally automated - meat weighing and tracking. Bulls and pigs are slaughtered. The capacity of the slaughterhouse on average per day is up to 150 pigs and 50 cattle. A significant part of the slaughterhouse production (approximately 65%) is being marketed in Europe. The changes in the company concern the fact that the company continuously makes investments in its development, as a result of which it carries out various reconstruction works. There is a completely rebuilt animal reception space. A ventilation system was rebuilt and a cosmetic repair was carried out.



LTD “Lāses AM” goes to the wider European market, although at present a considerable part of the slaughterhouse production (~65%) is already being implemented in Europe, our ambitions do not stop there. We are expanding and next year we plan to raise both turnover and invest in the development of the slaughterhouse. At the moment, the company is actively working on the identity of a new company, which will help us become recognizable in the background of a competitor in Europe and also in Latvia. The change will affect everything, we have started working with the digital solutions agency ”ENTER7”, which helps us to strengthen our visual and digital identity. We are actively working on communication campaigns to expand and take the first steps in the global media!