We carefully follow up and take care of safety and confidentiality of personal data of our visitors each time you visit the website.
Usage rules and Personal data protection rules provide a full explanation about ways of protecting personal data or any other information submitted to us.



We usually collect the following information:

  • name;
  • e-mail address;
  • mobile phone number;

In some instances, we reserve the right to request additional documents to approve an application.

Information during operations on our website may be collected and processed in the following ways:

  • Collection of data with regard to your visits and any other resources used on our website.
  • Any forms that you fill on our website allow us to collect data, with which you fill in your application.
  • We reserve the right to collect information, when you contact our staff.



You agree that the information you provide us will be recorded electronically and may be used for the following purposes:

  • to check your identity and evaluate your solvency using the information which you have provided us for processing of your application;
  • to contact you;

Any application you submit us on our website or to our staff allows us using the provided information in respect of our products or services. All the data you have provided us within the framework of our contractual commitments, may be used to ensure fulfilment of our commitments towards you. If any changes or improvements are made to the website, your information may be used to inform you about such changes. We can contact existing customers in relation to our products and services related to any services on our website that were previously used by the customer. We can use the data or allow third parties using the information not related to the products or services which you might be interested in. We or third parties may contact you only if you have agreed to this. Anyone, who does not want to give us or third parties consent to the use of his/her information is provided the possibility to prohibit the use of the data. The collected information will not contain identification data. Only statistical data not revealing the user's identity may be shared with third parties.